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97-98 NISSAN S14 240SX (Silvia) LED Headlights
97-98 NISSAN S14 240SX (Silvia) — Bi-Xenon LED Headlight (Factory Chrome Finish) Parking Lights - 69 White LEDs Low Beam Light - Factory Xenon Bulb (Bi-Xenon Optics Upgrade)      
LED Headlight
- OEM Chrome
Parking Lights
- 69 White LEDs
Low-Beam Light
- OEM Xenon Bulb


- Each headlight utilizes a combined total of 63 white LEDs for city light illumination when the parking lights are active.
- High-beam bulbs are upgraded with High Output (Premium) bulbs.
- Extremely wide 120° viewing angle offers increased visibility and safety.
- No messy external wiring, exposed drivers or components.
- Sold complete, no core(s) needed.
- Light(s) come with 1-year defect-free warranty.

Factory Bi-Xenon Optics Upgrade:

Parking Lights Active Parking Lights & Low Beams Active Parking Lights & Low Beams Active      
- Factory halogen-spec projector optics are removed and replaced with high-quality bi-xenon projector optics.
- Projectors use factory standard D2S xenon bulb capsules. High-quality replacement bulbs are easily attainable.
- Headlight internals are carefully blueprinted to ensure accurate optical alignment.
- Factory optical alignment points are retained. Optical alignments are performed using factory adjusters.
- Fully integrated, internally mounted factory ballasts. No engine bay clutter. No dangerous high-voltage, high-tension wiring.
- Pre-wired to the factory headlight harness. No need to install messy relay wiring harness.
- 100% bolt-on, plug-and-play with the vehicle's factory electrical system.
- Weather-proof rear cap section allows quick and easy access to xenon bulb.

Optional Features:

Backwards Compatible Wiring Harness Retrofit:
- The 1997-98 headlight wiring harnesses are modified for use with 1995-96 vehicles. Once modified, these headlights will bolt-on and be 100% plug-and-play with your vehicle's factory electrical system.

Factory Photos:

97-98 NISSAN S14 240SX (Silvia) — Factory US-spec Headlight Assembly          
OEM US-spec Headlight