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99-02 NISSAN R34 Skyline / GT-R Clear LED Front Position / Turn Signal Combination Lights
Parking Lights - 12 White LEDs Signal Lights - 45 Amber LEDs        
Parking Lights
- 12 White LEDs

Signal Lights
- 45 Amber LEDs

Single vs Dual LED Comparison:

- Single LED version utilizes a single LED array to illuminate one color. Available in white or amber LED.
- Dual LED version utilizes two LED arrays to illuminate two colors. Typically, the white LED array is illuminated during parking light mode, the amber LED array illuminates during turn signal operation.


- Each light utilizes a 12-LED array for parking light illumination, available in cool or warm white.
- Turn signal illumination comes from a high-power 45-LED array, available in amber only.
- Extremely wide 120° viewing angle offers increased visibility and safety.
- No messy external wiring, exposed drivers or components.
- Sold complete, no core(s) needed.
- Light(s) come with 1-year defect-free warranty.

Factory Photos:

99-02 NISSAN R34 Skyline / GT-R — Amber Factory Front Turn Signal Light Signal Light - 21-watt Bulb        
OEM Amber Turn Signal Signal Light
- 21-watt Bulb